RAFAEL ANDER ELIAS Founder of Political Analysis and Economic Studies (PAnEcS) in New York. His career started by earning his Masters Degree in Public and Private Management (MPPM) from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1995. He then joined the international investment bank CS First Boston (currently Credit Suisse) as a financial and political analyst for a period of 4 years. In 1999, he joined the National Action Party’s (PAN) foreign affairs office as an international advisor and member of the Party’s Foreign Affairs Council –by presidential appointment. He was part of Mexico’s Presidential campaign in 2000 with the PAN's candidate H.E. Vicente Fox. Participated as a member of the representative delegations for the PAN at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, and the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. Among his most relevant achievements, we can mention his participation in the consolidation of the relationship between the PAN and the then Chairman of the RNC, Mr. Jim Nicholson, the mention by the U.S. Senate as the only Wall Street analyst that correctly forecasted the outcome of the 2000 elections in Mexico, and his recognition as a “researcher with extraordinary abilities” presented to the U.S. authorities by the firm UBS Warburg. Rafael Elias Liñero has been a speaker and a panelist in several events, publishes his analyses and essays regularly through electronic media distributed to the main regional political and economic players, and has been quoted or has actively participated in media such as Bloomberg, The Economist, and radio. He is considered as the only critic and analyst from the center-right political spectrum in Latin America, and in the United States he has been working in moderating the extremist discourse of the far-left and create consciousness among mainstream America of the truth, the facts, and the dangers of the Liberal propaganda machine. In the Unites States political spectrum, Mr. Elias falls squarely in the conservative camp.

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Objective and Analytical Political Commentary

In this new blog you will find thoughtful, comprehensive political analysis and commentary.

We are living in complicated times where ideological propaganda from the current administration and most media outlets are permeating and distorting public opinion.

Civil dialogue and debate have taken a back seat to ad hominem attacks, simplified talking points, perverse manipulations, and the promotion of mob culture politics.

I aim to:

  • present the facts on current events and translate the official spin;
  • provide an analytical background; and
  • promote and facilitate debate and exchange of ideas.

Welcome then!

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